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What People Say...

Media coverage of Marla's life and work is extensive. A representative selection of articles can be found below.

(*All images are copyrighted and belong to Marla Lukofsky)
Jewish Life - 2016
Ruth Schweitzer
2016 CJN June Marla page 2.jpg
Toronto Sun - 2012
Ted Woloshyn
2012 Toronto Sun - Battling Cancer - Ted Woloshyn.png
Toronto Star - 2008
Diane Flacks
2008 Toronto Star Colour Sideways by Diane Flacks.jpg
2008 Toronto Star Colour Sideways by Diane Flacks.jpg
Eye Magazine - 1992
Andrew Clark
1992 Eye Magazine Profile - Mini Mistress of Mirth - Print.jpg
The Scotsman - 1989
Ellie Buchanan
1989 The Scotsman Review Mayfest edited.
Winnipeg Free Press 1980
1980 Winnipeg Free Press page 25 - Just Talking Gets Laughs feature article on Marla Lukof
1986 Toronto Star bright comedy stars ed.png
1984 Globe and Mail - Marla Trades Guitar.jpg
1981 Globe and Mail Marla sticks to Satire.png
1984 Toronto Star Closeup - retouched.jpg
Oozin with Oz.png
1981 The Examiner in Barrie - cover story review of funny young woman Marla Lukofsky - Fri
1985 Hither and Thither Sylvia Train re Marla Lukofsky.png
1981 Vancouver Faces Held Over.png
1984 Toronto Star page H2 - 'That's Variety' show starring Marla Lukofsky - January 21.png
1979 Hamilton Place and CHCH-TV present  The Palace starring Phyllis Diller and Marla Luko
1984 Ryersonian February 2 - Laughing and Loving.jpg
 1988 Toronto Sun page S13 - Funny Ladies article featuring Marla Lukofsky - February 14.j
1984 Now Magazine - Buddy's starring talented comedian and singer Marla Lukofsky - Februar
1983 The Winnipeg Sun tv guide - Just A Little Special showcasing comedian Marla Lukofsky
1992 Now Magazine June pg 58 - Winter Gardens Theatre promotion for Funny Gay Males featur
1985 Starweek - Brent Thrall - Dinner Date - Marla Lukosky.jpg
1980 Toronto Star Review (real Print) retouched.jpg
1981 March - Laff's Comedy Cabaret standup starring Marla Lukofsky and Jim Carrey.png
1985 Sylvia Train column Hug A Star Today Dec.6 Friday Toronto Sun.jpg
TV guide listing for 'Evening at The Improv' in Hollywood starring Marla Lukofsky, Richard
1977 Toronto Star - Nags Head club listing with Marla Lukofsky.png
1979 Dana Carvey San Fran and Me.png
1980 Toronto Star 'Culture Shock' by Slinger May 28, A2 re-edited and re-scanned.jpeg
1989 TV guide May 28 Pg 57 Toronto Sun for Baloney by Jim McPherson Channel Hopping.png
1987 Roy Thomson - Mid-Summer's Night celebration with Gloria Steinem and Marla Lukofsky -
1975 Bohemian Embassy Harbourfront featuring Marla Lukofsky - July.png
1989 Bermuda Sun Review.jpg
1981 Toronto Star June. 3 pg C3 - 'Comediennes get the last laugh' Marla Lukofsky is featu
Seneca College Newspaper features Marla Lukofsky.png
1981 March 14 Laffs Comedy Cabaret starring Marla Lukofsky.png
1986 The Music Scene magazine - Canadia Music Awards - Marla Lukofsky co-hosts with John J
1980 San Francisco Examiner page 9 - Other Cafe starring stand-up comics Marla Lukofsky an
1989 The Province page 3 - Saturday Highlights featuring Baloney starring famous Canadian
1979 Ottawa The Citizen, TGIF, Friday, September 7, Page 22 Comedy shop opens on Carling N
1980 Montreal Gazette - Yuk Yuks full page promotion of Marla Lukofsky - June 25.jpg
Best of Improv starring Marla Lukofsky at Friar's Tavern.png
1979 Yuk Yuk's Ad Marla Lukofsky headlining Sept.11th, Pg C3 Toronto Star 2.png
Comedy Capers in Detroit presents comedian Marla Lukofsky from New York's Improve and Los
1988 Escondido Times-Advocate page 46 - Variety Tonight featuring Marla Lukofsky -  Sunday
1988 Toronto Star page C9 - TV Audience Cold by Bruce Blackadar featuring Marla Lukofsky.p
1984 CJN Bored Clerk Hosts New Show.jpg
1978 Toronto Sun - Showtime by Eli Witmer - featuring popular comedian Marla Lukofsky at F
1989 Bermuda Royal Gazette - International Comedy starring Marla Lukofsky at Yuk Yuks - Th
1988 Fort Worth Star-Telegram tv listings - Variety Tonight guest starring Marla Lukofsky
1979 Toronto Star Yuk Yuk's Headliner Jan 5.png
1981 The Examiner in Barrie - panorama cover features famous comedian Marla Lukofsky playi
1981 The Washington Post - Weekend entertainment section - headliner Marla Lukofsky stars
1984 Toronto Star page H2 - That's Variety starring headlining comedian Marla Lukofsky at
1980 The Leader Post - Alan Thicke Show - Nov 21 - cropped.png
1993 Xtra newspaper page 51 - Xposed entertainment section featuring Marla Lukofsky - Issu
1982 Whitehorse Daily Star tv listings - Wayne Thomas guest star Marla Lukofsky - Apr 2, 1
1992 Outrageous Women of Comedy featuring Canadian comedian Marla Lukofsky at the Rose Cab
1987 New York Times - Movie description by Caryn James for Care Bears Adventure In Wonderl
1983 Spectrum (Alberni Valley Times) page 12 - CBC Television celebrates Just A Little Spe
1989 Tacoma Morning News Tribute - Variety Tonight TV Guide - Sun__Apr_2__1989 - Marla Luk
1980 Montreal Gazette page 81 - Bowtie Guy for Yuk Yuks starring Marla Lukofsky - June 25.
1988 Cabbagetown newspaper - She Can Out Mouth The Mouth Any Day cover story featuring Mar
1984 Best of Barbara The_Expositor_Fri__Mar_9__1984_ (1).jpeg
Reno Sweeney cabaret showcase in New York City starring Marla Lukofsky.png
1979 You're Beautiful _  cropped The_Brantford_Expositor_Sat__Dec_29__1979_ (2).jpeg
1981 The Windsor Star - Fri Sep 4 pg 16 - Fiddlers.png
1980 Toronto Star page B8 - Yuk Yuks concert series featuring Welcome Back Kotter star Gab
1980 Ottawa Newspaper 'Marla leads a double life' by David Marigold edited repaired by Mar
1992 Eye Magazine page 34 - profile feature on comedian Marla Luksofsky as the Mini Mistre
1989 NOW Magazine Yuk Yuk's Women in Comedy Show June 27, 28 edited from scan 3.jpeg
1979 Ottawa Arts Alive Show Comedy By Marla Lukofsky 2 copy 2.jpeg
1981 Windsor Star - Fri__Apr_3__1981.jpeg
1980 CJN - David Birkan feature article about Canada's pioneering first female stand-up co
1989 Toronto Sun page 96 - Sylvia Train castings article featuring Marla Lukofsky performa
'The Flamingo Cabaret' headlines Marla L.png
1991 The Whig Standard TV guide - Baloney game show - Sat__Aug_10__1991.png
Yuk Yuks Montreal Marla Lukofsky B&W clo
2018 La Rev Aug.4 Marque edited.png
1981 The Windsor Star - Windsor entertainment club listings - Fri__Apr_3__1981.png
1982 TeleStar tv listings - Wayne Thomas guest star Marla Lukofsky - Fri__Sep_24__1982.png
1979 Yuk Yuk's listing Ad Marla Lukofsky headlining Sept. 11th, Pg C3 Toronto Star.png
1996 Toronto Star page D8 - Comic gems from the 70's by Henry Mietkiewicz featuring famous
1980 The West Ender page 21 - Vancouver comedy club 'Faces' headlines Marla Lukofsky as st
1988 Variety Tonight TV _Guide cropped 11_00pm Pennsylvania pm pg. 61 The_Daily_News_Sun_
1992 Rose Cafe September Xtra Magazine 'The Women for Women Concert' host Marla Lukofsky w
1980 Montreal Gazette Thomas Schmurmacker - full content.jpg
1993 Eye page 25 - My Treehouse grand opening hosted by comedian Marla Lukofsky featuring
1993 John Alcorn Xtra and Marla.jpeg
1975 Bohemian Embassy Harbourfront featuring Marla Lukofsky - October.png
1979 The Ottawa Citizen page 46 - Andy & Flo's featuring comedy artist Marla Lukofsky - Oc
1990 The Toronto Sun page 120 - Molson Canadian Comedy Releaf Festival Marla Lukofsky, Car
1981 Whig Standard Comedy article Pg 28 Wed.January 28 by Ian Robertson.jpg
1983 The Leader Post page 10- Just A Little Special  with Oscar Peterson, Marla Lukofsky,
1982 Off The Wol TV guide listing in The Brantford Expositor Fri Jul 23 pg 7 cropped.jpeg
1981 Detroit Jewish News page 42 - Marla Lukofsky performs at Comedy Capers at Stafford's
1989 Tacoma Morning News Tribute - Variety Tonight TV Guide - Sun__Apr_2__1989 - Marla Luk
1987 The Scranton Times-Tribune page 86 - Honeymoon movie review from New York Times NYTim
1987 Honeymoon - The_Times_Mail_Sun  Nov_29  Review  plus  Vancouver Sun advert.jpg
1984 Globe and Mail page L1 - A Minefield Loaded with Laughs article by Toba Korenblum fea
1984 Globe and Mail page L4 - Female Comics Battle the Brickbats article by Toba Korenblum
2009 Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal B.W r
2012 Toronto Sun page 19 - Battling Cancer With Humor full print feature article by Ted Wo
2008 Sentinel Review 'Own up to your feelings_ Thursday Oct. 16 page 7 edited by Marla v1
2012 CJN by Carolyn Blackman.png
2009 CJN #2 by C. Gasner.jpg
1985 Zero Patience - Dynamic Performers featuring Marla Lukofsky.jpg
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