What People Say...

Marla's media coverage is extensive. Here are a few articles that talk about her life and work...

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Jewish Life - 2016
Ruth Schweitzer
2016 CJN June Marla page.jpg
2016 Marla Lukofsky  Comic Reinvents herself as Jazz Singer in CJN by Ruth Scweitz
Toronto Sun - 2012
Ted Woloshyn
2016 CJN June Marla page.jpg
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Toronto Star - 2008
Diane Flacks
2016 CJN June Marla page.jpg
2008 Toronto Star Colour by Diane Flacks
Eye Magazine - 1992
Andrew Clark
1992 Eye Magazine Profile__edited.jpg
The Scotsman - 1989
Ellie Buchanan
1989 The Scotsman Review Mayfest edited.
Winnipeg Free Press 1980
1980 Winnipeg Press Just Talking Gets La
1986 Toronto Star bright comedy stars ed
1984 Globe and Mail Marla Trades Guitar
1981 Globe and Mail Marla sticks to Sati
1984 Toronto Star Closeup on Marla Lukof
1981 Barrie Review Funny Young Woman Per
Vancouver's 'Faces' headlines Marla Luko
1980 Winnipeg Press Just Talking Gets La
1984 Star TV Guide Dinner Date Interview
1980 Toronto Star Review (real Print)
'Evening at The Improv' in Hollywood sta
Basin Street's 'That's Variety' starring
'The Flamingo Cabaret' headlines Marla L
That's Variety starring Marla Lukofsky#2
2008 North York Mirror by Lisa Queen
TV Guide Channel Hopping Marla Lukofsky
Marla flies to NYC's Reno Sweeney's for
Montreal Gazette Marla Lukofsky headline
Showtime in The Toronto Sun by Eli Witme
Sylvia Train's Column of Marla Lukofsky
Toronto Sun Sylvia Train Column Marla's
'Friar's Tavern' Best of Improv w Marla
Sentinel Review Marla's Speech edited.jp
1989 Bermuda Sun Review Good.jpg
1980 Star_Slinger Review Cropped__edited
'Nag's Head' features Marla Lukofsky in
2009 Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal B.W r
1979 Yuk Yuks Feature Ad_edited.jpg
1979 Ottawa Citizen Review Closeup_edite
Seneca College Newspaper features Marla
Bermuda The Royal Gazette July 20th Marl
1988 Toronto Star TV Taping Review by Br
1979 San Fran The Other Cafe w.Dana Carv
Comedy, Magic at Comedy Capers in Detroi
Garvin's in Washington, D.C. headliner M
1984 CJN Bored Clerk Hosts New Show.jpg
Yuk Yuk's Concert Series; Gabe Kaplan w
Marla Lukofsky co-hosts Canadian Music A
1989 The Scotsman Review Mayfest edited.
1980 Montreal Gazette Thomas Schmurmacke
1975 Bohemial Embassey Marla, Henry Hell
1975 July 12th Bohemian Embassy w. Don C
Barrie Examiner features Marla Lukofsky
Treehouse w Marla & John Alcorn
John Alcorn & Marla Lukofsky 1991 edited
2009 CJN #2 by C. Gasner.jpg
1987 Roy Thomson Show w. Gloria Steinem
Andy & Flo's Comedy Club w comedy guest
1992 Eye Magazine Profile__edited.jpg
Yuk Yuks Montreal Marla Lukofsky B&W clo
2018 La Rev Aug.4 Marque edited.png
2016 CJN June Marla page copy_edited.jpg
Molson Comedy Festival Marla Lukofsky, C
2008 Toronto Star Colour by Diane Flacks