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Marla Sings

A true chanteuse, Marla’s not only a smooth, engaging vocalist; she’s an entertainer, setting her apart from the rest of the pack. If you aren’t laughing, crying, or moving in your seat during one of her shows, you're on your cell phone. Whether she’s Naughty or Nice, Marla’s show is the one to catch.

Marla has performed with Toronto greats such as Mark Kieswetter, Peter Hill, David Restivo, Richard Whiteman, Ross MacIntyre, Artie Roth, Jordan O'Connor, Brendan Davis, Chris Banks, Reg Schwager, Nathan Hiltz, John MacMurchy, Bob Brough, Glenn Anderson, Mark Micklethwaite, Jay Boehmer, and Abbey Sholzberg.  Recently, Marla has been taking her talents to the stages of 120 Diner, La Rev, Relish Bar & Grill, Gate 403, The Local Gest and special appearances at Jazz Bistro.

Naughty Marla & The Good Boys at La Rev - August 2018

Nice Marla swings 'Embraceable You' with Trio at Gate 403 

Marla Lukofsky & Nathan Hiltz 'One Voice, One Guitar, Three Noses'

Just You, Just Me - Marla Lukofsky and her Trio
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Close Your Eyes - Marla Lukofsky with Nathan Hiltz
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