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'The Alan Thicke Show' (CTV) Celebrity, actor, producer and writer, Alan Thicke talks with trailblazer stand-up comedian Marla Lukofsky and puts her in his hot seat covering many issues.


On his successful podcast show, radio guru Ted Woloshyn interviews Canadian comedy legend Marla Lukofsky about her vast career including great stories followed by fantastic audio clips of her shows plus her 'Wizard of Oz in 3 minutes'.

'The Dini Petty Show' (CITY TV), Dini Petty, TV and Radio show host, interviews stand-up comic Marla Lukofsky about how she makes it work as a ground-breaking comedian in Canada.

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David Reuben's highly applauded stand-up comedy  website '' published an in-depth written interview of Marla Lukofsky's extensive career from being a stand-up comedy pioneer/legend to successful actor, keynote speaker, writer, jazz singer and how her contributions to Comedy in Canada have influenced many others in showbiz. It's quite the story.

Controversial and confrontational
TV series 'The Shirley Show' hosted
by Shirley Solomon, deals with
"Offensive Humor" featuring stand-up
comedians Marla Lukofsky and
Kenny Robinson, Yuk Yuk's owner
Mark Breslin,and writer Allan Gould.
This show has become a cult classic
among comics in Canada.

Comedian and actor Marla Lukofsky interviews a young Keanu Reeves while on the set of his first big role in 'Young Again' starring Robert Urich and Lindsay Wagner. Marla was also in the movie as Urich's spunky secretary. Lukofsky was an on-air columnist for CBC's news show 'Midday' and got the opportunity to do some interviewing of the stars.

Godfather of Comedy and MC of Kenny Robinson's 'Nubian Comedy Review', Kenny hosts this clever and funny podcast show 'Breakin' Down the News'. In this episode, he interviews seminal stand-up comedian Marla Lukofsky, covering her  immeasurable showbiz career and life experiences making this an entertaining and exclusive segment. 

Original video podcast 'Liquid Lunch' on 'That Channel',features co-host Marla Lukofsky along with host Hugh Reilly,  discussing anything and everything that the censors allow on this amusing, fast-paced show.

CBC Radio's highly regarded show 'Sounds Like Canada' talks with Marla Lukofsky about her Comedy, her Cancer and her show "I'm Still Here and So Is My Hair" with guest host Kathryn Gretsinger.

Three-time Actra award winner for best radio host interviewer, Vicki Gabereau, (CBC Radio) talks to comedian Marla Lukofsky about her life while living in Los Angeles and has the comic sing her parody of 'The Christmas Song'.

Radio host and author, Tommy Schnurmacher (CJAD-Montreal) talks with stand-up comedian Marla Lukofsky about her career in comedy, getting cancer and combining the two to create a successful show "I'm Still Here...and so is my Hair!"

'Sex @11' (Rogers) with Certified Therapist and sex advisor, Rebecca Rosenblat talks with comedian and cancer survivor Marla Lukofsky who shares some helpful sexual tips for those going through cancer treatments and still want an active sex life.

Popular radio show host and podcast broadcaster Ted Woloshyn (Newstalk 1010) talks with stand-up comedian Marla Lukofsky about her comedy career, her cancer, and her one person show 'I'm Still Here and so is My Hair'.   

2nd Interview with Ted and Marla about Marla's TED Talk and more.

Ted Woloshyn talks to Marla Lukofsky about her TED Talk and cancer show 'I'm Still Here and so is my Hair!'' - Marla Lukofsky
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Tasha Kheiridden, lawyer, radio and
TV columnist (640 AM Talk Radio)
interviews Marla Lukofsky for being
a pioneer in stand-up comedy in
Canada and her interesting transition
from Comedy to Jazz singing.
Tasha Kheiridden Radio Show with Marla Lukofsky - Marla Lukofsky
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Humble & Fred SiriusXM Radio Show interv

Fiercely independent radio show hosts
(SiriusXM) and podcasters 'Humble & Fred'
talk with Marla Lukofsky about her career in
Comedy, dealing with Cancer, and swinging
as a Jazz Singer with comedic timing. There's
also a special LIVE performance of Marla
singin' Just You Just Me with the help of
jazz pianist Peter Hill.

Humble & Fred interview Marla Lukofsky - Marla Lukofsky
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Larry Fedoruk on Newstalk 610 CKTB inter
Larry Fedoruk photo.jpg

Larry Fedoruk (Newstalk 610 CKTB),
award winning podcaster and broadcaster,
talks with comedian and cancer survivor
Marla Lukofsky
about the 2013 incident when approximately 1200 cancer patients received watered down chemotherapy across Ontario and New Brunswick in error. Lawsuits pending. This interview is in 2 parts.

Larry Fedoruk speak with Marla Lukofsky about the Chemo scare n Ontario 2013 - Marla Lukofsky
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Larry Fedoruk with Marla Lukofsky Part 2 on Chemo scare - Marla Lukofsky
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Fresh Air CBC Radio.jpg
Karen Horsman CBC Radio Fresh Air.jpg

Broadcast Journalist Karen Horsman of
(CBC Fresh Air) talks to Marla about finding comedy with cancer in her show "I'm Still Here...and so is my Hair!"and what's most important for those involved.

Fresh Air CBC Radio Karen Horsman interviews Marla Lukofsky - Marla Lukofsky
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CHFI 98.1 photo

Rob Davidson, broadcaster, writer, producer
and host (CHFI Radio 98.1) for Sunday Sunday, interviews comedian Marla Lukofsky early in her career with special comments from comedian,
actor Jim Carrey and producer Marilyn Mercer.

Jim Carrey photo_edited.jpg
CHFI Radio Rob Davidson interviews comedian Marla Lukofsky + Jim Carrey - Marla Lukofsky
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Nanci Krant (CHUM FM) talks with
comedian/actor Marla Lukofsky about
her career in movies, TV, stage and
voicing cartoons like The Care Bears.

Chum FM's Nanci Krant interviews comedian/actor Marla Lukofsky - Marla Lukofsky
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CHUM AM 1050_edited.jpg
Jeanne Beker Radio_edited_edited.jpg

Canadian television/radio personality,
fashion editor, and author Jeanne Beker
(CHUM AM) interviews comedian
Marla Lukofsky at the start of her stand-up
comedy career about life as a female comic.

Jeanne Beker Chum AM talks w Marla Lukofsky - Marla Lukofsky
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CKO Radio image_edited.jpg

Al Michaels (CKO FM) talks with comedian
Marla Lukofsky about her co-starring role in
the suspenseful thriller feature film 'Honeymoon'
with Nathalie Baye and John Shea.

CKO's Al Michaels talks to Marla Lukofsky about comedy & acting in Honeymoon - Marla Lukofsky
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