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Marla Lukofsky is represented by Jordan & Associates.

For acting and voice work please contact 416-515-2028.

For music, comedy or keynote speaking please contact Marla directly at

Dual Citizen USA/Canada

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Photo Credit: Joanne Riven

Marla Lukofsky’s Upcoming Events and Gigs


 Wednesday October 3rd:   Marla Lukofsky Quartet @ PMH

                                                          Princess Margaret Hospital Atrium Series

                                                          Time: 12pm-1pm  7th Floor

                                                          Band: Peter Hill, Glenn Anderson, Chris Banks




 Saturday October 27th:     Marla Lukofsky Quartet @ Relish Bar & Grill

                                                          2152 Danforth Ave.  (east of Woodbine)

                                                          Time: 7pm-9pm

                                                          Band: Peter Hill, Glenn Anderson, Abbey Sholzberg




 Saturday November 17th: Naughty Marla and her Good Boys@ La Rev

                                                          2848 Dundas Street West (Junction)

                                                          Time: 8pm-11pm

                                                          Band: Peter Hill, Glenn Anderson, Brendan Davis


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