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Marla Lukofsky's one-person show “I’m Still Here…and So Is My Hair!” about her breast cancer journey, received rave reviews across North America (Press below). Gilda's Club says, "Marla's show will save lives." Whether she's speaking to 600 people or 60, her show leaves its mark. "Lukofsky's skill and energy as a seasoned performer combined with her sincerity, humor and confidence fuel a hilarious, and sometimes shocking but always passionate performance." Ms. Lukofsky also has two TEDx Talks to her credit (Toronto, India) as well as several published essays and stories in international medical journals. She continues to share her experiences in the hopes of helping others. “If I can touch even one person, and make them feel they are not alone, then I have succeeded.”

Testimonials from Viewers of Marla's Keynote

"...Funny, insightful, thought provoking, informative, moving, and generously personal."


"...Poignant and meaningful."


"...Deserves to be heard by as broad an audience as possible."


"...Lukofsky's skill and energy as a seasoned performer combined with her sincerity, humor and confidence, fuel a

 hilarious and sometimes shocking but always passionate performance."


"...Remarkable balance between hilarity and brutal honesty."


"...A gift to those who are going through this..."


"…I have no doubt in my mind that Marla will save lives though she may never met those people."


"...We laughed until our sides ached and we cried until our hearts ached."


"…I've seen several motivational speakers. They do the ‘positive’ thing. Nothing new. Since being diagnosed with ovarian cancer, there's something lacking in their speeches that made me feel very alone. That is, - until I heard Marla! “Real” is what appeals to me about her and her speech. Real."


"…From the moment she took the stage, we were engaged by her always honest, oftentimes funny and heart- breakingly poignant story."                


"…Her words of advice are those of the universal language of human compassion. "


"…The audience was mesmerized!"

Marla's Press for her Speaking Engagements

North York Mirror Comedian Marla Lukofsky's Cancer Story by Lisa Queen
2009 CJN Marla Lukofsky by Cynthia Gasner.
2009 Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal Marla Lukofsky Cancer Comedy
2008 Toronto Star Comedian Marla Lukofsky be
Sentinel Review Marla Lukofsky Speaker Comedian Cancern

Letters of Recommendation 

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List of Clients

General Electric•Glaxo Smith Kline•Canadian Cancer Society Tour•Wellspring Westerkirk•Sunnybrook Hospital Odette Cancer Centre Speakers Series•Mount Sinai Hospital Fundraiser•Women's College Hospital Speakers Series•Willow Breast Cancer Support - Canada• Toronto Board of Education•Gilda's Club• Thunder Bay Regional Cancer Centre Luncheon of Hope•Canadian Association Genetic Counsellors• Ernestine's Woman Shelter•Pamper Me Senseless Fundraiser•National Council for Jewish Women• Hadassah-WIZO CHW•Halifax Cancer Conference: "Rependa: Living with Cancer"